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Hopesay Parish Plan

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What is a Parish Plan?

A Parish Plan is a statement of how the community sees itself developing over the next few years and the action needed to achieve the desired outcomes.

The Parish Council, on your behalf, has decided to produce a Parish Plan for Hopesay Parish. 

Parish Plans are a Government sponsored initiative designed to give people a greater say in what happens in their communities in such things as:-

•  The Built Environment

•  The Natural Environment

•  Public Transport

•  Roads

•  Health

•  Education

•  Housing

•  Local Business

•  Employment

•  Sport and Leisure

•  Local Amenities

•  Planning

•  Policing

•  Safety and Security •etc.

Parish Plans are funded through Defra and the Local Authority and supported by The Community Council.

The Hopesay Parish Plan gives a detailed and pictorial overview of the Parish and incorporates an action plan.

Copies have been circulated around the Parish but if you are new to the area or have holiday accommodation and would like a hard copy of the Hopesay Parish Plan please contact:

David Clarke

01588 660278