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Flicks in the Sticks ...

The new season's films & 'live' theatre at Aston on Clun Village Hall...

See Vilage Hall website for further details - www.astononclunhall.org

16th February 2019 -

The Rider (2017 104 mins) Brady is told not to ride again. "Play the cards you are dealt," says his father "let it go." Yet Brady's purpose in life is hitched to riding horses. Also, living in a trailer and eating rabbit soup is not the stuff of champions. In the starlight, around a campfire with friends, listening to his little sister sing simple yet beautiful songs, and in dreams, Brady ponders his next moves.  This authentic and heart-rending film integrates the real lives of the actors into the story. It is balanced in its portrayal and rightly does not cast judgment.

16th March 2019 -

The Wife (2017 100mins) stars Glenn Close, Jonathan Pryce and Max Irons.  The core plot is simple: a long-term marriage full of simmering tensions is brought to the boil when the husband wins the Nobel Prize for literature while 'the wife' looks on in smiling silence. Professor Joe Castleman has become accustomed to being feted for his literary greatness and has even been described as a reinventor of the novel form. The opening scenes are emotionally supercharged: a phone call from Norway in the middle of the night, joyful close-ups on Joe and Joan hearing the news, each processing it in completely different terms. Joe's arrogance is elevated by the news, while Joan's tolerance for his deceit, philandering, and belittling her as 'the wife who does not write' inches closer to breaking point.

Both films will start at 7.30pm at Aston on Clun Village Hall. Tickets cost £5 for adults and £2 for U18s. If you have any questiona, please ring David Evans on 660545.